Combine leggings

It’s hard to picture leggings as anything other than items of clothing to be worn for comfort. However, many designers are seeing terrific potential in this humble but versatile form of casual wear, creating outfits that combine leggings with other items. This combination offers a lot of scope for exciting fashion.

Great ways to combine leggings

Whether or not to view leggings are casual or formal wear entirely depends on what they are worn with. They are relatively plain items of clothing but when complementing other aspects of fashion they really come into their own. Many women love to wear them because they are durable and provide supreme comfort, with material that has a lot of give. Larger than average women can combine leggings with longertops.

Another terrific combination of leggings and tops is to match them with tunics. Tunics appeal to women of all ages, with many owning considerable collections of these stylish items. The plain leggings will emphasise the variety of designs and colours of the tunics. Leggings themselves can come in a diverse range of tones and textures, so with the right combination, a perfectly matched tunic and leggings combo will certainly be eye-catching. During spring and summer, when colours tend to be bolder, a good idea is to use tie-belt tunics to accentuate curves.

Possibly the most important aspect to be considered when considering how to combine leggings in a way most suitable to you is your body shape. Additionally, many women just don’t feel comfortable wearing tight-fitting trousers. However, the sheer versatility of these fashion items mean they are pretty much suitable for all ages and most sizes.

Formal wear for leggings

When you combine leggings with an item such as a scoop neck long tunic, you can achieve a truly elegant look. This is especially the case if the tunic fits at the bustline which will enhance your feminine shape. This combination will create a ‘casual but smart’ appearance that will fit in anywhere. This is even more flexible when you choose strong patterns for the tunic, such as bold psychedelic whirls. Checks can be utilised for a formal look which is more than appropriate for any office.

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