It is all about technology for columbia winter boots

At Columbia, technology leads the way. They have devised unique technology to ensure you remain warm and protected during the harsh winter conditions. They have combined features of good grip, heat, techlite and shield to come up with the ideal Columbia winter boots for everyone.

Before you shop for your new winter boots, it is vital that you read how Columbia winter boots are specially designed with careful technology just for your protection.

Columbia winter Omni-Grip® boots

This is one kind of boots that you do not to miss during the snowy winter. With all the skidding and falling on the snow, a Columbia Omni-Grip® is designed with perfect grips that ensure you are safe when walking in any depth of ice. They have lace-up Omni-Grip® for both women and men.

Columbia winter Omni-Heat® boots

If it really matters about warmth, then the Omni-Heat® Columbia winter boots are the option for you. The Omni-Heat® boots are specially lined with natural fur and warm fabric. In addition, the heat Bugaboots from Columbia has reasonable prices of between €90 and €150.

Columbia winter Omni-Shield® boots

For this category, the Omni-Shield® boots from Columbia are made with excellent insulation technology. For this, it is ideal for you, especially if you are always in harsh, wet and watery environments. The Omni-Shield® boots are water proof and as such, you are protected from falling snow or showers.

Columbia Techlite® winter boots

These are the ideal boots for children who cannot walk well with heavy boots. The Techlite® winter boots are made with lightweight technology to ensure that kids are well protected but still able to walk and play around.

So now, when you go out to the snow clothing stores to purchase your winter boots, you know what to look for. All Columbia winter boots are available in both high street and ordinary snow gear shops. You can also purchase directly from their easy-to-navigate website Columbia dot com.

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