Columbia ski jacket - some helpful information

Columbia is one of the leading brand names in sports, outdoor and ski wear. The following is some helpful information on Columbia ski jacket and where to get one.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia manufactures and distributes outerwear and sportswear including ski and snow boarding gear. It is one of the largest sellers of ski apparel in the world. Columbia has been designing ski jackets since the 1970s. Columbia ski jackets feature water proof fabric that is also breathable. Many of their jackets have interchangeable shells and liners which means there are multiple wearing options.

Columbia Ski Jackets

Columbia manufactures a range of types of ski jackets for men, women and children. All jackets are designed using advanced heating technology to provide essential warmth where you need it most. They are also made to prevent overheating when you are skiing or snowboarding. Prices for men’s jackets range from £45 for standard fleeces to around £300 for top of the range jackets designed using the highest technology. For women there are a variety of fleeces, shell jackets, parkas and vests available. Again prices range from £45 for fleeces to around £280 for Peak Power Shell jackets. Children’s jackets are also made to stay warm in cold conditions.

Where to get them

Columbia sell ski jackets from its own chain of retail stores. They have a number of stores located throughout the UK with the flagship store on Kensington High Street in London. Snow and Rock is the UK's number 1 snow wear retailer and they also stock Columbia clothing. Ski jackets can also be bought online from the company's official website www.columbiasportswear.co.uk.

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