Coloured jeans are the latest denim delight!

It's spring! And just like the flowers bursting into bloom, it's time to get colourful!

We are already very excited about big, bold colours this season but remember, girls, don't be shy - extend the look with some fabulous coloured jeans.

These luscious leg coverings come in all colours you could possibly think of - deep purple, cute pink, vibrant orange, sunshine yellow, ravishing red, royal blue, groovy green, you get the picture!

There are also funky floral and camouflage designs, on-trend animal prints and even snake prints if you're feeling really daring.

They are available in a wide range of cuts - flares, shorts, bootcuts, skinny, leggings - so you can still pick your favourite shape, and they look great with heels or flats so you can mix and match to suit the occasion.

So why not press pause on the blacks and dark blues and treat yourself to the latest multicoloured denim craze? After all, now that Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and Alicia Keys have been snapped sporting their lollipop red, sherbet pink and vivid turquoise jeans, well, you know it's time you did the same!

And now that we've dropped the hint, bet you'll start spotting these colourful creations all over the high street and online - Zara, Topshop, River Island, Selfridges and Asos, to name but a few...

Keep the colour burst going by pairing them up with a contrasting or clashing block colour top. Alternatively, pick a neutral shade such as cool white or cream for a simply scrumptious way to welcome in the sunny days.


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