Colour trends for spring summer 2014

White and bright colours are always popular choices for the warm season, but for spring-summer 2014 designers have succeeded in taking a modern and reviving twist on the traditional palette. Refreshing combinations of soft pastels and vivid brights flooded the dedicated catwalks, in a bid to create new colourful balances that defy conventions.

Being aware of the new colour schemes proposed by designers worldwide means you will be able to renovate your spring-summer wardrobe perhaps with just the addiction of few new pieces and a re-organization of your favourite staples. Individuality and personal taste will dictate the final choice, so take a look at some of the hottest colours for the spring-summer season 2014 and see what inspiration they give you.

According to the colour experts of the Pantone Institute, more then 17% of designers used dazzling blue for their 2014 collections, thus making it one of the top most popular colours this year. That's because there's a big aquatic trend coming up for the spring-summer season, this electric hue of blue has found additional fertile ground, so be reassured, you will see plenty of it around for a while.

Also, orange is a big come back for the warm season, brought up by the refreshing 90s revival. Mocking the title of a successful TV series, there's a saying going in the fashion world right now that 'Orange is the New Black'. That may not be true for everybody, but even if you think orange doesn't suit you, try and fit something here and there in this happy, bright mood colour and don't miss out on the fun!

PHOTO GALLERY: Calzedonia for spring summer 2014

There's been a contemporary take on pastel shades for the spring-summer season 2014: lovely and widely adaptable shades like muted blush, violet, hemlock and placid blue are always a winner but in 2014 they're being revisited thanks to the current obsession for shiny and shimmery metallic hues. The result is a palette of icy pastels that will surely be remember as the big part of the colour scheme this year. Dare and enjoy!

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