Colour trends autumn winter 2014-2015

The variegated colour palette for Autumn Winter 2014-15 includes some novelty and some of the trends we have seen emerging in the near past seasons. Bold black and white, trademark colours of essential and minimal chic styles, are proposed alone or in tandem in almost all the high couture runaway show for the upcoming season. Deep shades of blue, in particular in the navy hue but also as royal blue and bright cobalt, also take central stage this fall-winter 2014-15.

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But the true protagonists of the palette in the autumn winter 2014-2015 forecast are shimmery gold and silver and elegant grey, in particular in the futuristic hue of aluminium.

Indeed, the main colour trends emerged from the array of fashion catwalks for the FW 14-5 collections is grey and aluminum declined in all their shades.

These are two of the dominant hues for the the upcoming season

together with black, observed on almost every catwalk. From dark to light, we have admired the cold steel effect of aluminum in the shimmery textures of the Jean Paul Gaultier collection, while grey dominated in the minimalistic elongated coats at the Hermes runaway show and was used by Miu Miu in combination with lively colours like yellow or Louis Vuitton to highlight its classic chic trademark style.

Gold and silver also emerged, associated with shiny materials and shimmering fabrics, in unique, extravagant pieces and abstract and curios patterns, as admired in the Fall-Winter collection by Kenzo and Dolce & Gabbana, or in the glittery version presented by Rochas, or the sassy chic floor length gowns by Dsquared2.

Floor length gowns are also presented by Valentino, but this time in fashionable navy blue, another dominant hue to look out for in the upcoming season Autumn-Winter 2014-2014. Also part of the same collection are the gorgeous overcoats in birdie prints, while Stella McCartney dared the navy blue and black combo, succeeding in creating exciting, unique pieces, from skirts to long jackets. Navy blue also emerged in the palette of the Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collections by Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Topshop, and Miu Miu.

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