Colonial Chic

Channel Blighty from afar with some sexy outfits that cry out to be accessorized with a cup of tea and a wistful look in a long lost land. Keep the sun at arm's length with a wide brimmed cotton hat (we like the one by Revival, and Topshop's take on the classic strawboater).

Look at the photogallery

Wide legged linen pants will keep you cool in the 30 plus heat, but remember to keep an oversized bag big enough to fit the mosquito repellent and a fan for your face. For the bag go with tan or white, keeping in with the colonial-chic theme. We love Furla, although a one off splurge on a Valentino bag isn't a mortal sin: it'll last you forever. (Or at least until the new collection.)

The light is going to be different out of England...so you'll need some fabulous sunglasses to shield those eyes. Grab some tortoiseshell shades from Vogue Eyewear or get a copy on the high street. (Mango are doing great things with eyewear, although the website is still under construction. (If in doubt, head to H&M.)

What to wear on top? A loose blouse would do the trick - Zara and, again Mango have a whole wardrobe load to choose from. Add a tan blazer over the top to modernise the look (H&M or Angy Six - ignore the Italian, look at the pics!)

If you're going to be doing a lot of walking, or simply lazing about in the garden, add a pair of shorts to your luggage (or your wardrobe, if you're staying at home and just fancy a change). We like the Bermuda-style ones by Maschili and they look great with a tanned belt.

Not sure about your shoes? Strappy sandals and heels all the way to avoid the tramping around on safari look - more importantly, you'll be far enough off the ground to miss all those horrible insects.

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