What's the buzz on Colmar Ski outfits this season?

Get into the groove of things by buying Colmar ski jackets that are smart and trendy. It is not easy to find one online but have a look at Colmar (colmar.it) for a preview of their fall/winter collection.

With decades of experience producing jackets that are incredibly warm and elegant looking, the full range includes outdoor wear in different colours, monos or prints. Bring art work to life by picking up an audacious print jacket in lovely pastels from their limited edition line.

Check out Turners (turners75.co.uk) in Marlow that carries top end brands of ski outfits. There are no pieces from the Colmar collection on their website at the moment but you can always give a shout to inquire when they will be stocked.

The Bottero Ski web store (botteroski.com) has these elusive jackets but do send an email through the site for inquiries, prices, and orders. Or, call them at this number, 39 0171 92275.

Have a look at Yoox (yoox.com) where you will find almost every top name including Colmar ski wear. Treat yourself to a Colmar Down Jacket for £155 in grey or bronze. Made from 'techno fabric', it is lined with down that's guaranteed to keep you cosy and comfortable in the slopes. The front has zipped pockets and it comes with a detachable hood.

Buy a flashy, orange Men's Down Jacket that costs £129. Fully lined, your man is hard to miss in this bright colour that features a stylish shape and fine finish expected of the Colmar brand. Alternatively, pick a vibrant blue and red jacket for £115 or choose the 'contrasting applications' jacket for £160.

If you happen to be in Milan, stop by at the Temporary Store on Largo La Foppa that showcases the 2011 autumn and winter collection of Colmar.

Join the league of satisfied Colmar ski jacket wearers by chasing after this high performance clothing. You don't have to sacrifice your fashionable style for comfort or warmth. Have everything and embrace the coming seasons by purchasing ski wear that is warm, comfy, and functional.

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