Coiffed heads will roll...

Arts editors and their glossy but underpaid assistants will be shaking with fear this week, after the realisation that the same dress by Miu Miu, Prada's diffusion line, has been used on the front covers of (deep breath): Vogue, Elle, W and even Swedish Elle for good measure. Hmm, D- for creativity and originality, we think.

According to The Daily Mail, Elle's Lorraine Candy said (while wielding a stilletto poised to be plunged into a hapless art editor's back), 'In ten years of editing, I've never known it happen. Most of the time, the fashion press offices make sure you don't get sent the same things as someone else. Obviously I'd rather it hadn't happened - but I'm not devastated.' While over at Vogue, the editor played spot the difference, 'It's actually not the same dress. Ours is a felted wool, theirs is lace. Ours is orange, theirs is lilac. Theirs has a big black bow on it, ours doesn't... in fact, I hadn't even noticed it until someone rang me asking for my opinion on it.'

Well, there's one big winner in this sorry debacle, and that's Miu Miu.

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