Don’t feel blue with stunning cobalt designs

One fashion trend that is certainly causing big waves on the catwalks just now is cobalt. This striking shade of blue is renowned for its bold qualities. Cobalt colours are so eye-catching and vibrant that garments designed in them are the perfect antidote for brightening up wardrobes as the nights draw in and we head into autumn and winter.

Cobalt: stylish and universally appealing

One of the key attributes of cobalt blue garments is the fact that they will compliment all hair colours. Brunettes are especially flattered by the lush hue, although redheads can look equally stunning. Of course, blonde and blue is a timeless combination that has been wowing catwalks and red carpets for decades.

Because cobalt blue is a luxurious tone, it is ideally worn alongside navy blue or black to create a deep contrast. An even more daring look can be achieved by really mixing it up – adding slices of other bright colours. You could even go to the opposite extreme and introduce neutral schemes to contrast the more arresting main cobalt design.

When a cobalt blue outfit is accessorized with silver or gunmetal colours, an even edgier image is created. The colour is very adaptable for costumes. For a more formal event, a cobalt blue dress will create an extremely stylish entrance that will draw eyes immediately.

On the other hand, a cobalt outfit can achieve a more casual air, worn with a bright pump or clutch. So, either as a posh gown, a slinky party outfit, or something to throw on for an informal evening, cobalt blue will certainly get you noticed, no matter where you wear it.

Cobalt: available in a variety of styles

If you want to get your hands on stunning cobalt designs, there appear to be no limits to what is available - you really are spoilt for choice. There are hooded wool coats that are perfect for the colder weather. When you get indoors, why not show off your figure enhanced by a fabulous true blue Charlotte Russe bustier?

The future is looking bright with cobalt

Because cobalt is so versatile and suitable for any hair colouring, it is obviously going to be a popular choice for the autumn and winter seasons. But this universal popularity means that there seems to be little evidence that cobalt blue is going to prove to have been a passing fad. With designers everywhere already earmarking cobalt for their spring collections, there is little sign of cobalt blue fading.

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