Coachella fashion hits

There's something about the timing of the Coachella Festival that brings out the emerald eyed monster in us Brits (and we all know that green is so very last season). Perhaps it's the sight of gazelle- like creatures dressed in simple smocks and sandals in the beautiful Californian heat, dancing to the same bands that, a couple of months later, will be coming to Glasto. Except that at Glasto, it being Somerset rather than Palm Springs, the fashion story will be hiking socks and anoraks. So unfair.

With that in mind, let's revel in the fashion glory that is Coachella, as Vogue have assembled a compendium of celeb looks from the festival: 'With three blazing hot days - and very chilly nights - a savvy combination of layers was necessary - playsuits, denim shorts, espadrilles and floaty summer dresses were perfect in the sun, while flannel shirts, leather jackets and Doc Martens were piled on for the evening.'

We think that Daisy, Beyonce and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did it best, but we could be persuaded otherwise...

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