Clutch bag keeps paps away

Remember PETS - people for the ethical treatment of stars? Well, it seems they may finally have some ammunition, with the news that an anti paparazzi clutch bag is in the offing. The invention, created by NY uni telecommunications student Adam Harvey is a clutch bag which repels the flash of a paparazzi's lens, rendering pictures useless.

As with all good inventions, the science behind it is simple (and something you just wish you'd thought of first given the massive wedge of cash developers are bound to make.) "The clutch purse contains a sensor that is triggered by a flash going off, and it instantaneously fires its own flash, completely ruining paparazzi shots."

Product blurb also says: "The anti-paparazzi clutch is a wearable device designed to counter the attacks of flash photography from paparazzi. It’s unique patent pending technology allows the celeb to block any number of incoming shots. And in case you do like to be photographed the design allows you to control whether your flash is on or off by the way you hold the bag."

While profits will undoubtedly be good from the offset, are there really that many celebs in the world to keep it selling on a regular basis? Maybe if they do like Louis Vuitton and release one in a different colour and tiny different logo every month they'll keep it going....in fact we'd be first on the list. (Getting papped on a night out in the North of England is suuuch a chore dahling.) The first clutch will be on sale in Spring 2010, and Lindsay Lohan has reportedly already ordered three. Depending on the lushness of the design, will you be getting one?

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