Find classy prom dresses for 2011 in the UK

If your prom is approaching fast and you still don't have anything to wear, we should be able to help you with our guide to finding the most stunning and classy prom dresses for 2011 in the UK for great prices.

While many girls choose to buy their prom dresses, it can often be smart to ask yourself whether or not you're actually going to get enough use from it to warrant the expense of it. If your answer to that question is no, or you're unsure, then you really need to evaluate whether or not buying is the answer.

There are a whole range of great services available for British ladies who want to hire their dresses for a night rather than buying outright. If you choose to hire, the chances are that you'll be able to afford a much higher standard of dress than you could ever have imagined if you needed to fork over the whole price of it in one go.

Girl Meets Dress is a company based in London who run a dress hire service for all occasions. With their business taking place entirely online, you won't need to worry about needing to make your way to London in order to pick up or return your dress, instead you'll simply pop it back in the post in the original bag it was sent to you in, using the return address sticker provided to you by the company.

If you're worried about whether or not the dress will fit, then you'll be happy to learn that they've also got a facility that allows you to try on your dress of choice. Since they're online based, they'll post you out the dress which you can try on and send back to them that same day, letting them know whether or not if fits you and if you'd like to reserve it for hire or not.

It really couldn't be any more straightforward and their service is absolutely brilliant, and with prom dresses available for as little as £79 they definitely represent an affordable alternative to buying your dress outright.

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