Buying guide - Classic England rugby shirts

The designs and colours

If you like minimalist design and colours, you are in luck because many classic England rugby shirts are just that. Colour combinations range from two to three. Images are limited from little to none and these are simple, if any. Shirts are usually collared and with long or short sleeves. All of these apply to rugby shirts for both men and women.

What is the overall look?

The overall look is one that is smart and casual, clean and simple. If you like classic with a modern twist, you can't go wrong. If you are a woman, you can opt to look classic, modern and feminine at the same time.

There are many brand names that do England rugby shirts. Brands such as Front Row, Cotton Traders, Nike, Canterbury, Dead Fresh, Kooga, etc. These classic rugby shirts are available in men, women and kid sizes.

Prices range from under 10 to 50 pounds for adult sizes. Prices for kid sizes tend to be cheaper; from 5 to 40 pounds with the average price at under 20 pounds.

Where to buy

Go to Amazon.co.uk for about 50 different designs to choose from. Filter your results by colour, brand names, star rating, price and seller (Debenhams, Sports Direct, Millet Sports, etc.). The shirts are star rated by customers from five to zero stars. Simply hover your mouse over a design that interests you (under 'more options available') rather than clicking on each shirt individually and waiting for it to load.

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