Clarks 2013 Spring and Summer collection

Clarks brings us a very interesting variety of stylish and eclectic shoes, sandals and handbags in their new 2013 Spring and Summer collection.

Clarks is a global brand and the third largest shoe business in the world, and their latest creations for this year’s summer fashion will make a stunning and above all, a bright and colorful addition to your summer wardrobe for both urban and holiday wear.

To walk in in comfort Clarks gives you the Fable Cute, a ballerina style slip on model, that is flexible and comfortable with its soft rubber sole and lightweight upper multicolor fabric which is a must have for casual wear and absolutely perfect for a weekend at the beach.

For those women who feel more at their ease with a little added height, Clarks Scent Flower suede model has a 75mm wedge heel, cleated sole and a simple T-bar design, but it’s colors are drop dead, summer perfect, with a mix of coral with hot pink and purple, but it’s also available with a bright and trendy red and white stripe wedge dubbed Red Combi.

If you like your wedges with just a single color, Clarks has Scent Flower in metallic dusted leather and all three versions retail at £44.99.

Clarks doesn’t just make comfortable shoes and sandals, but also handbags like this summer style Magnolia Lane shoulder bag, in nautical-inspired red striped canvas that is perfect for the beach or days out it, and can be carried or slung across the shoulder. Or their Mill Rock hunter style bag with a weave and stitched detailing and this small and versatile bag is available in raspberry, cotton white, mint green and orange.

If you’re more into the ethnic style, there's the Morina Thai, a multicolour woven petite shoulder bag that is perfectly designed for your summer essentials.

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