Chungs of Style

It has become a fashion cliche to declare that Alexa Chung's style is amazing, which perhaps makes it an opinion that's (gasp) out of fashion. But far be it from us to call Vogue behind the times. Vogue is following the style maven's outfits for a whole month, which means 28 days for us to gawp, admire and dissect just how she manages that dishevelled, indie look that is so lusted after.

From our cursory analysis, we conclude that it's a dash of preppy and prim, with navy being the dominant colour. Oh, and 36' legs are a must have. Hmm, that rules us out then... One fashion item that will surely become a 'must have' next season as Chung professes her love for it, is the humble hawaiian shirt. You heard it hear first (okay then, via Alexa and Vogue.)

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