Trying to find Christian Louboutin shoes for sale?

Born in Paris in 1964, Christian Louboutin is fast becoming one of the best loved names in the shoe scene across Europe. He got an early start when he used to sneak out of school at the age of just 12 in order to show off his shoe designs at a local flea market where he quickly found an adoring audience among the gypsies of his area. At the same age he decided that he was going to leave school in order to follow his dream, and he often cites the major influence on this decision as Sophia Loren's sister who also left school at the same age, and then went on to get a degree at the age of 50.

Louboutin's shoes are renowned worldwide for their trademark red soles. He claims that the aim with each pair of shoes he designs is to make the wearer look sexy, beautiful and with legs appearing as long as possible. For this reason, his shoe designs tend to have extremely high heels in order to accentuate the effect.

Earlier in 2011, Louboutin filed a one million dollar lawsuit against designer Yves Saint Lauren who he claims infringed on his trademark with the use of red soles in a number of their more recent designs.

If you are interested in finding some Christian Louboutin shoes for sale in the United Kingdom, there are a number of outlets to be found in the London area. The first is a Louboutin boutique located at 23 Motcomb Street while the second is found in Harvey Nicholls at 109-125 Knightsbridge on the first floor.

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