Christian Lacroix to design first collection for Schiaparelli relaunch

John Galliano’s name was being bandied around at the first designer to be part of the Schiaparelli relaunch instead it will be Christian Lacroix who will be the first designer to collaborate in the relaunch the legendary house of Schiaparelli.

Lacroix will be designing the one-off 15-piece couture collection that will unveiled during the Paris couture week in July at 21 Place Vendôme- the location of Schiaparelli's original atelier that has been renovated and will also house label's offices, archives, and an apartment.

The collection will honor designer Elsa Schiaparelli and they will be reinterpretations of the late designer's most famous creations.

Diego Della Valle, who is also the head of Tod's, bought all of Schiaparelli's trademarks and archives back in 2006 and Della Valle said of the legendary label when he announced last year that the brand was making a comeback: “The idea with Schiaparelli is to propose the brand with all its modernity, and represent dreams, art and all the most sophisticated things we can do."

Elsa Schiaparelli was born in Rome in 1890 and was a rival of Coco Chanel and was best known for her innovative designs - like the wrap around dress, the first evening-dress with a jacket, and the first clothes with visible zippers, graphic knitwear, the divided skirt, the wedge heel and and her signature color, shocking pink.

The 62 year old Lacroix, launched his own fashion house in 1987 - he filed for bankruptcy in 2009 - was also the creative director at Emilio Pucci between 2002 and 2005 and after his appointment, expressed his enthusiasm for the new challenge with a “A love declaration to Elsa: Monsieur Christian Lacroix pays tribute to Schiaparelli:”

"In this persona incarnating a true aristocrat, one finds a spirit where mathematics and literature as well as poetry coexist: Elsa is a sacred sphinx who never ceases to interrogate us while offering us new enigmas as answers. Art, theatre and cinema - my wish is to reposition Elsa at the centre of her maison and on the stage from which she once seduced the world."

The couture collection will be followed by a series of contributions and each year a fashion designer will be called upon to interpret the Schiap style in all its aspects, from clothes to accessories.

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