A short guide in choosing baby names

So, you’re expecting and are excited to come up with a name for your child. Choosing baby names is a tough decision and one that is important, for your offspring will carry that name forever. We’d like to suggest creative and easy ways to name your child without sounding too ordinary or common.

What to consider when picking names

  • Make a list of possible names

Put a list of names that you like or love together with your husband or partner. You can even go as far as assigning who should name the baby based on the gender to avoid heated discussions later on.

  • Check data base of names

There are many websites which can serve as reference points for baby names including those with tool finders such as Nymbler and Baby Centre. Books also exist that include popular baby names as well as their meanings. Make inspiration lists so you could rule out odd names or those that do not appeal to you.

  • Consider family and religious traditions

Other people find that assigning names for babies based on the lunar or religious calendar can help. Just make sure that the moniker you give is not too common or too weird.

  • Easy to pronounce names

Step back and think how your baby’s name sounds. If it’s already difficult for you to pronounce, then chances are others will have the same problem. Names are more often said than written down, so it should be a moniker that’s easy on the tongue.

  • Length

Short names go well with long last names and vice-versa. For example, John Smith or Jane Doe are certainly easy names, but it should not prevent you from naming your child Jonathan Hill. It is tricky and difficult to write and say out loud long first and last names. Imagine the mouthful name given by Uma Thurman to her daughter, Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson or Luna for short.

  • Easy to remember

Everyone wants to be unique and having a first name that isn’t common might well work for you. However, don’t do the extreme and name your child something that is out of this world. Although celebrities are known for giving their offsprings unusual and even weird names such as Maddox, Coco, Sage Moonblood and so on, think about the possible consequences when choosing baby names.

Changing names later on

That said, names such as Sophia and Aiden remain popular with parents while others continue to don strange monikers to their offsprings. If a deadlock occurs, consider taking the middle way by giving 2 first names in honour of a favourite aunt, uncle, grand or godparents, at least on the birth certificates.

When it comes to choosing baby names, there is always the last option of changing them when they are adults. However, not everyone has the possibility to change first or last names due to the legal system or practical considerations. And when this is not an option, it should give parents more food for thought when coming up with the appropriate names for their children. Perhaps, the most important thing of all and one that matters is that you like the name(s) you’re bestowing your children.

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