Children's snow boots size 9

Take new measurements of your kids feet each fall to ensure you get the right size. Shop for snow boots in size 9, which have traction outsoles, thick and cushy interior insulation and waterproof uppers. The best boots for youngsters extend above their ankles preventing snow from collecting inside. Make sure they have a snug fit with a top closure. Velcro ties make it easier for young ones to put their winter boots on themselves instead of dealing with difficult shoelaces.

Giant Strides

Giant Strides offers a wonderful selection of snow boots for young children with reasonable prices and quality designs.

Kids love the bright red colour of Olang Eolo Boys Snow Boots and parents can appreciate the price of £29.99. This boot comes in a size 9 as well as sizes of 3-11. These boots include a front zipper opening, faux fur liner and a thick quilted nylon upper.

The Olang Cucciolo Boys Snow Boots come in blue with a durable gum sole, Velcro straps and a super warm fleece lining. A faux leather upper keeps snow out and warmth inside for £29.99. Explore winter boots at http://www.giantstrides.org.uk/.


L.L.Bean takes the hassle out of shopping for children's snow boots. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and all orders regardless of amounts ship free.

Northwoods Boots come in sizes 5-9 and are available in colours of pink, greys and blues. They retail for $44.50 USD and keep children warm and dry for outdoor activities in the snow.

Each boot includes a waterproof rubber bottom, water-resistant upper with adjustable drawcords for a tight fit for slush and snow protection. View L.L.Bean's snow boots in size 9 for children at http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/52080?feat=57011-ppxsdds=y.

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