Children's moon boots: comfortable and trendy

Moon boots: ideal for trendy children

In this day and age, older kids love to be just as trendy as their parents, which is why children's moon boots are so stylish.

Children's moon boots come in a variety of shapes and sizes, in a whole range of snazzy colours and dinky designs. Those budding fashion conscious young adults will find they're spoiled for choice with the range of designs available on today’s High Street.

Tracking down children's moon boots

A great place to start searching for children s moon boots is at Sarenza (www.sarenza .co.uk). Here you can choose your boots by size and colour. Boots are also available from a whole host of trendy designers to satisfy even the fussiest of juvenile tastes, from Converse to Naturino, Geox to Tip Top Joey.

Ever popular for childrens footwear is Clarks (www.clarks.co.uk), who offer an excellent selection in children's moon boots. When you shop online, you can narrow down your search by a number of parameters – boy or girl, colour scheme, age group, boot size and functionality (waterproof, walking, cruising).

Naturally, Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk), the ubiquitous and ever-popular online shopping outlet, is a great place to go for cheaper children's moon boots. Currently they are selling Kids (Boys) Snow Ski Quilted Fur Moon Boots in junior sizes (6-11) for only £11.99.

These come with extra-chunky soles, heavily-treaded to help avoid tumbling in the snow, and Velcro straps which are perfect when the winter temperatures turn fingers into thumbs! They also come in a snazzy grey/black camouflage design.

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