Childrens fancy dress costumes: Tesco stocks for all occasions

Tesco is well known for offering a staggering range of quality shopping at unbeatable prices. Now, if your child has a fancy dress party to attend, Tesco is the go to place to find the perfect fun costume. Just pay a visit online at http://www.tescoparty.com/FancyDress/Default.aspx to find the childrens fancy dress costumes Tesco has to offer.

All your children’s favourite characters from film and TV are available now. Take a look at some examples of what childrens fancy dress costumes Tesco stocks.

For girls:

  • Alice in Wonderland for ages 3 through to 8 years for £19.99
  • Snow White Deluxe for ages 3 through to 8 years at £19.99
  • Cinderella for ages 3- 4 years at £14.99

For boys:

  • Buzz Lightyear Classic for ages 3 through to 8 years at £14.99
  • Transformer ‘Optimus prime’ for ages 2 through to 8 year at £23.99
  • Superman for ages 5 through to 12 years at £17.99

All costumes are have Velcro fastenings for easy fitting and removal and are fully washable. Delivery is variable depending on your location. For more information about childrens fancy dress costumes Tesco can supply visit them online or call 0161 776 5646 today.

As an alternative when looking for childrens fancy dress costumes Tesco have another outlet at http://www.clothingattesco.com/ or call on 08450 755 000.At this online site you can find another range of fancy dress outfits to suit babies right through to kids at 10 years of age.

  • You can dress ups as Superman for just £12.00 reduced from £15.00. Maybe Tinkerbell now reduced to £9.50 is more your thing.
  • There are also several costumes perfect for Halloween such as Dracula at £7.50 and a Witch outfit at only £6.00.

At tremendous value, delivery on their fancy dress outfits is £3.95 for standard or £5.00 for next day delivery options.

The next time your child gets a party invite, make life easy thanks to Tesco party costumes.

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