Looking for children s hair accessories in the UK?

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Children s hair accessories in the UK are of course primarily geared towards little girls. Once their hair is long enough to get into their eyes a hair clip is usually employed, and as it grows longer, hair ties and hair bands become part of the wardrobe. Luckily there is a huge array of children s hair accessories for sale UK wide covering just about every theme imaginable from Disney to nautical to chic to floral to sparkly princess.

Favourite cartoon characters adorn hair clips and hair ties, all designed to attract the savvy child shopper and her long suffering mother. Other accessories also come in a range of colours and themes, from hair brushes and combs to shampoos and conditioners. Whether it is from a favourite children's TV show or just a favourite colour, it is possible to pick up children s hair accessories to suit every child's whim.

For the older child, boys and girls, bandannas and scarves may be favoured, and again, any colour, design and pattern can be found on the High Street. Most of the major High Street shops such as Next and New Look have a range of hair accessories for children as young as 12 months old. Affordable ranges with a huge amount of choice can be found at Monsoon Accessorize, and the mecca of all accessory shops, Claire's Accessories.

Brushes, combs and shampoos can be found at supermarkets and chemists with shelf upon shelf decked out with pretty bottles and packets. The discerning child can have a theme running through their entire wardrobe including their hair accessories.

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