Chic from street to snow with Sorel boots

Winter boots are definitely a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. One of the best brands in the market is Sorel. It is made of high quality materials that would keep your feet warm and dry any time of the year. In fact, the boots are also long-lasting and lightweight.


The Sorel brand manufactures classic designs such as the Caribou. The Caribou design is Sorel's original and best design since 1972. This design is known for its durability, warmth and comfort even when worn through the harsh storms and the deep cold snows of long winters.

Joan of Arctic

The Joan of Arctic is one of its most popular modern classic designs. These Sorel boots are highly fashionable and durable because the soles are made of rubber, which is celebrated for its excellent cold-weather performance. Plus, its body is made of premium waterproof leather with an inner faux fur lining for the greatest comfort. Sorel also offers pairs which have Swarovski crystals on the lace eyelets, which just takes the boots to a whole new level of fashion. You can wear these fashionable shoes strutting on the concrete jungle or trudging through the snow. Visit www.countryside.co.uk, which is the UK’s number 1 online retailer of Sorel products.

Tofino Canvass

One of Sorel's runway-worthy and weather-ready designs is the Tofino Canvas. This design claims to combine rugged protection and fashionable glam in one item. In fact, its outsole is made of impervious moulded rubber which provides amazing traction. The upper is made of quilted waterproof waxed canvas and has a faux fur collar. The design is simply chic and stunning, the buckles and laces make it look high fashion and hot in season.

Sorel Boots has a range of hip and trendy boots for men, women and even children. Check out www.sporttek.co.uk to get your hands on amazing discounts on Sorel boots. This online shop offers designs such as Caribou, Tofino canvass, Joan of Arctic and many other designs. The prices range from £90-£180.

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