Cheryl still has the X Factor

Poor Chezza has had a pretty tough few months, with the whole X Factor USA saga, so it seems only fair that she should be re-instated as the true heir to the Brit fashion throne by way of a Cosmo style poll. Cheryl topped the fashion mag's recent Best Dressed list for the third year running, beating the likes of Victoria Beckham and fashion's new obsession, Kate Middleton.

The competition was held online and voted for by Cosmo readers, showing Cheryl is still a hit with Brits, if not so much with the yanks. Cosmopolitan's Fashion Director Shelly Vella told The Sun: 'Winning us over for the third year in a row with her day-to-day gorgeousness, Cheryl's had some style ups and downs but is still your favourite go-to for fashion inspiration!'

Other celebs to make the list include Fearne Cotton, who was commended for her ability to pull of elegant and casual, Rihanna for her bold fashion choices and Daisy Lowe for her risque attitude to style.

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