Cheryl steps out

Proving she is no stranger to that old adage ‘when in doubt, backcomb’, Cheryl Cole stepped out on the streets of London last night looking not dissimilar to Marge Simpson, with a beehive that must surely have weighed more than her entire body.

The Fight for This Love singer was doing the publicity thing to launch her new shoe collection with Stylistpick.com. She smiled and waved to fans accompanied by her fellow Girls Aloud band mate Nicola Roberts. We hope Nicola has been sharing some tips with Cheryl about the fashion biz, seeing as she already has her own make up range.

According to the Evening Standard, Cheryl complimented the dramatic new hairdo with an eye-catching scarlet dress but – shockingly – we can find no information about her choice of footwear. Surely she’ll have been showing off a pair from her own collection? We’ve yet to get a glimpse of her creations for Stylistpick but it seems to be a happy relationship, judging by the gushing praise of Stylistpick's chief creative officer Juliet Warkentin, who said: We are thrilled to be working with Cheryl. Cheryl is the style icon and is amazingly warm, a quality that has made her the nation's favourite. We believe that the launch will have a huge fashion impact.’

This is Cheryl’s first big appearance on the London Fashion scene this season and she was clearly not about to let herself be forgotten. Reports even suggest she is busy working on a new album inspired by her dramatic axing from the US X Factor. She’s one feisty lass, pet.

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