Check out these Mulberry Salebags - they are Genuine!

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Mulberry - it can be on your lips or it can be on your hips - they're one of the most talked about designer bags of our times and everyone is wearing them. From the sophisticated style of Victoria Beckham to the casual vintage chic of Alexa Chung - Mulberry is fashion versatility epitomised. Let's take a look at where you can nab yourself some Mulberry salebags that are genuine.

Whether you want the clutch for a special night out or whether you fancy investing in a reliable slouch bag for day were - Mulberry really does offer so many styles and functionalities to choose from. The Mulberry saddle bag is the essence of vintage though and it's widely available through websites with I Dig Vintage and Preloved. Both of those websites have great reputations and are known for selling only genuine vintage clothing and accessories.

To make sure a saddle bag is genuine you can check by the quality of the scotch grain and saddle leather that they were originally made from. Also a genuine saddle bag will have the handmade leather tag with the Mulberry label embossment. The saddle bag also has a plaid cotton interior. It's highly unlikely that you'll be fooled when it comes to vintage as if it looks real it probably is because replicas are only a thing of recent times with designer bags.

For Mulberry's more recent collection here are a few tips to make sure you get a genuine bag. Your dust cloth (if fake) will be felt - real Mulberry dust clothes aren't. Genuine Mulberry bags have a 'made in' label on the inside - the only countries they're made in are Turkey, England and China. Be careful that you are choosing from a reputable seller (if on eBay) or that it's a trusted website. One final thing: it's always more reliable when the seller has a picture of the actual bag they are selling and not just stock photos.

So where to buy: Try eBay and you can really trust it if your seller has awards and a trusted track records in selling these items. Check out Net-A-Porter as well as ASOS. You can also buy from outlets like Bicester Village and Kildare Village Outlet. Always check I Buy Bag first to bring yourself up to speed on key differences between replicas and reals.

So inspire yourself, inform yourself and then spoil yourself and you'll have a Mulberry salebag that's genuine in no time!

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