Check out Lily's debut collection

Following Lily Allen's first forays into fashion with a boutique vintage store, the popstar-on-sabbatical has just launched a collection of her own designs, using vintage patterns and shapes as inspiration.

Lily told Vogue, 'After we'd launched the shop, I think we both felt that we wanted to create vintage styles with more contemporary, clean lines. Sometimes with vintage clothes the femininity can get lost - the market didn't feel quite perfect, so that's what we've worked on. I've always been into vintage - before I became a pop star it was all I ever wore.' Lily's sister Sarah added, 'Vintage sizing can be quite irregular. When we were buying clothes for the shop we saw so much that really nearly hit the nail on the head but not quite.'

We're now working on collection four. This line is all about Lucy In Disguise the character - it's very eclectic. The next few collections become more concentrated and more based on set themes with clear hero pieces. Each piece really stands on its own.' Check out the collection here.

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