How to find the cheapest wellington boots

How to find the cheapest wellington boots? this is a question asked by numerous people living in the uk probably due to the abundance of wet weather that we experience.

These days wellington boots are worn by everybody from toddlers to Grandmas and Grandads. Wellington boots have become somewhat of a fashion statements over recent years with boots being seen on the feet of celebrities and the rich and famous. Even members of the British Royal Family have been spotted out and about sporting various styles of wellington boots.

Possibly the most well known brand of wellington boot is the Hunter. Hunter boots originated pre-war and the company itself which manufacturers rubber products has been around for 150 years.

The green welly was the first Hunter boot and was worn by peple who needed a good quality boot for use outdoors be it at sporting events, when farming, dog walking or in the stables.

With the rise over recent years in the popularity of music festivals, the bad weather that often accompanies these events has seen a need for footwear that keep the feet dry. Festivals goers demanded a choice of boots and Hunter developed boots in a variety of colours and styles.

Other wellington boot manufacturers have brought out boots in different colours and styles hoping to get on the band wagon.

Nowadays you can buy knee high boots, ankle boots with laces and even wedge heel boots. Ladies can often be seen wearing wellington boots even when the weather doesn't dictate a need.

When you looking for how to buy the cheapest wellington boots you could try the following websites:

(ebay.co.uk) stocks new and used boots

(amazon.co.uk) sells a range of wellingtons

(hunter-boot.com) selling the range of Hunter boots

(wellywarehouse.co.uk) selling a good variety of boots and offers clearance items


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