Where can you find the cheapest Kindle reader?

Looking to get on the Kindle bandwagon? More and more people are leaving paper books behind and joining the 21st Century with one of Amazon's amazing Kindle eBook readers. These amazing inventions are on their 3rd generation, and all of the kinks have long since been worked out. If you are looking to buy a cheap Kindle, then we have taken a look around at where you can find the cheapest Kindle reader.

The Kindle offers an amazing product which allows you to read books on an electronic surface that mimics the appearance of paper. Battery life is extremely impressive too as it lasts for hours on end, so you won't be left caught out! Every book released now is put straight out on Kindle, and the process of converting every old book to the format is well underway.

If you are looking to buy a Kindle, then they are available from the Amazon online store at http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle. Here you can view the full array of Kindles available and also buy eBooks to read on your new pride and joy! The 3G Kindle model offers free 3G wireless internet with which to buy the books, leaving you always close to new titles to buy! There are also a staggering 700 thousand eBooks available right now!

Looking for somewhere to download eBooks from? we recommend checking out http://www.ebooks.com/ as they have a fantastic selection of eBooks available, with a lot at bargain prices!

If you would rather get free eBooks, then let us introduce you to Project Gutenberg at http://www.gutenberg.org/. Here you can download anything you like from a selection of over 33,000 classics that are out of copyright. It's completely legal, and it's completely free! Make sure you check it out!


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