Cheap Vivienne Westwood jewellery

Do you dream of living the Vivienne Westwood look on your own skin but cannot quite afford it? Well, first of all remember that the queen of English fashion is first and foremost the designer who brought punk and new wave style to the mainstream. If you can't afford the brand, steel some ideas and innovate them. And, when it's time to make yourself a present, choose amongst the range of cheap Vivienne Westwood jewellery. Read on and find out.

Cheapest earrings and rings

If you are a fan of Vivienne Westwood you probably know that the jewellery of this amazing British brand is not exactly accessible. Especially for what concerns the fabulous Baia & Amelia and Gainsborough Palladium collections, jewellery prices range from £215.00 for the simplest Amelia Pendant to £750.00 for the mostelaborate Gainsborough Necklace.

However, there are some really cute and affordable pieces of jewellery, in the coolest punk/new wavestyle, coming straight form the latest catwalks. Let's take a closer look at some cheap Vivienne Westwood jewellery fresh from the Spring-Summer 2014 collections.

Elisabeth Earrings


Delicate and romantic, the light pink Elisabeth Earrings are embossed with the signature Westwood Orb and encrusted delicately with crystals. Made of gold plated brass.

Mini Metal Kate Earrings Black


Simple and stylish, these black and imitation rhodium stud earrings make the perfect gift for any Westwood fan.

Milton Ring


Last season’s Milton ring was a great success, so for the upcoming SS 2014 collection Westwood proposes it again as a bold yet delicate statement. The Milton ring's framework and Orb motif are highlighted by contrasting colours, available in Silver and Black, Pink Gold and Gold and Neon Red.

The Snail Bracelet, cheap for its range

We would like to conclude our post on cheap Vivienne Westwood jewellery with this lovely bracelet, a revival for the new season coming straight from the Westwood archive. Not exactly the cheapest bracelet around, but definitely the most iconic piece of statement jewellery you can get for this price.

Snail Bracelet


This Spring/Summer 2014 the Snail collection makes a return from the Spring/Summer 2002 Nymphs collection. Delicately produced from a real snailshell, the quintessentially English Snail Bracelet beautifully creates the suggestion of back gardens after the summer rain.


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