Stay in Style with Cheap Vintage Clothes

It's never been more of a challenge to keep up with fashion trends. One minute you're searching high and low for the perfect long pleated skirt, the next you're trading it in for a sixties-style mini. Clothes have become easily accessible and disposable, and it's difficult to put together a truly original and stylish look when high street shops sell thousands of the same dress every day. Even celebrities are frequently spotted in the same designer dress, and compared in online polls! Happily, true fashionistas know to look to the past for inspiration, and this has led to the increased popularity of vintage clothes. Once extremely expensive, it has now become easier than ever to find cheap vintage clothes if you know where to look. Lucky for us!

Incorporating vintage clothes into your look is a wonderful way to create an original take on current trends. You can mix and match with items from your favourite high street shops, or even a designer piece to fashion an enviable outfit for any occasion. One of the best places to buy cheap vintage clothes online is at www.ebay.co.uk - you can bid on everything from 1950s swimsuits to 1980s shell suits from as little as 99p! There are many websites with an extensive range of vintage clothes at affordable prices, such as www.rokit.co.uk, which even features a children's wear section. Others such as www.marthascloset.co.uk feature 70s maxi dresses from £30, right on trend for the autumn/winter season.

If however, you prefer to see the clothes in the flesh, there are hundreds of inexpensive vintage clothing shops throughout the UK and Ireland. Visiting the shops gives you a chance to examine the fabric and condition of the clothes, as well as try them on before you buy. Don't forget that vintage sizes are different to modern sizes - a current size 10 is generally a 1960s size 14! Popular shops where you are almost guaranteed to find a vintage bargain whatever you're looking for are Beyond Retro in London (www.beyondretro.com), Armstrongs in Edinburgh (www.armstrongsvintage.co.uk) and Perk Up! in Dublin (www.perkupvintage.com). Once you become a bit more experienced with vintage fabrics, styles and labels, you can look in your local charity shops for vintage clothes for next to nothing prices. Often people give items away during a wardrobe clearout with no idea of what they might be worth!

With a little bit of patience and dedication, you will be on your way to have a covetable vintage wardrobe in no time. The wonderful thing about cheap vintage clothes is that they rarely look cheap. On the whole, vintage clothes tend to be better made than current high street garments. The quality of the material and cut stands the test of time. With retro looks consistently in fashion, from 1940s chic to 1970s glamour, your cheap vintage wardrobe will be much treasured for years to come.

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