Buying Cheap Scary Contact Lenses

Halloween is fast approaching and if you want to give someone the fright of a lifetime you cannot go far wrong with a cheap pair of scary contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses were an expensive product not all that long ago but thanks to online stores such as ebay and coastal contacts you can find them for next to nothing these days if you know where to look.

Weather it is "Zombie Green", "Darth Vader" or the classic "Vampire Red" you are looking for then www.coastalcontacts.com has you covered. Starting from £19.99 you can have your scary contact lenses of choice delivered to your door within three days after purchase. Coastal contacts do recommend you order by October 19th to ensure you have your scary lenses by Halloween.

Of course as usual you can find better deals on eBay with a little digging around. I was able to find contacts from as little as £9.99 on the auction website. When buying off eBay you should always check the sellers reviews, especially with an item like a contact lens as lower quality products could actually do damage to your eyes.

Whenever you are buying smaller items online it makes sense to purchase a few in one order. To ship one set of contact lenses is going to cost the same as shipping three or four so make sure you are getting the best deal possible by buying in bulk.

Once you recieve your lenses all you have to do is wait until the big day and you can scare all your trick or treaters.


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