Tips to Find Cheap Leather Walking Boots

Are you tired of trudging around all day in those horrible feeling high heels? You need to find yourself some good cheap leather walking boots, stat! Most boots made for walking are made out of flimsy material that can break during long hikes or otherwise. Some of the cheapest boots also just tend to hurt your feet because of how they are made. Your feet need to fit snuggly inside and not be loose, if your feet are loose, this means that you can get painful blisters from the rubbing. Here are some tips when you need to find suitable walking boots that won’t break down.

Consider Going to a Second-Hand Store

Sure, these kind of stores have been looked down upon, but if you want a good deal on real leather boots, look no further. You can get genuine leather comfortable boots for a fair price, since other shopping centers can have the price high into the 600s! When looking through a second-hand store, make sure the boots you are willing to purchase have no holes in them or any other wear and tear. Also try them on and imagine yourself walking for quite awhile in them, would they hurt your feet? Always opt for a low flat boot or a small heel, that way you won’t get yourself caught up in cramping.

Find the Perfect Style

Some of the best styles of cheap leather walking boots have buckles on the side. This gives them a more rustic look and matches up well with anything from sun dresses, jeans and blouses, to skirts and shorts. If this isn’t up your alley, try for some Native American-styled boots which fuse perfectly with the boho look. A good old solid black boot is also a great choice for a pair of comfortable jeans, a vest, and a long hike ahead. Leather boots can come in all types of sizes. From over the knee, knee high, ankle, and lower than the ankle. The best color choices to pair together are brown boots with soft neutral apparel or black boots with floral, patterned, or red clothing. This is of course, if youant to add style to your walking boots!

Search online to compare prices of popular brands, or go to various stores and look through their discount sections to snatch up a great deal on leather boots. Ifyou are the kind of gal who wants high heels and a high end brand, you can always go to such stores like Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue who carry expensive brands, but have some great sale prices. If this is still too spendy, getting some knock offs all across the web will be beneficial. Who cares what others think? You can get away with looking amazing in knock off boots and most people wouldn’t even be able to tell the minor difference.

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