Cheap ghd straighteners online

2001 saw the introduction of the GHD and women (and men) around the world rejoiced as Good Hair Days were finally something within everyone's grasp.

Using a revolutionary ceramic plate design that allows you to straighten wet or dry hair with ease, the GHD has fast become the must have hair accessory.

GHD hair straighteners can be costly but if you are prepared to shop online you can find loads of great bargains on cheap GHD straighteners.

First things first, with online shopping you must be careful of fake GHD units. These units are poorly made and potentially dangerous. You can tell the fake units by the poor spelling or grammar on boxes, for instance the I in Irons is not capitalized on many units. This doesn't help when shopping online however so here is our guide to the best online deals.

Amazon.com is our first recommended port of call. For only £84 you can pick up the Classic GHD Iron. This is the best price we could find and for a genuine GHD model we think this price cannot be beat.

The Amazon.com price is a limited online offer but for those looking for everyday great prices Strawberrynet.Com and Beautybay.com both have made our price guide. They both sell the basic GHD model for only £92. This great online price is available all year round from these fantastic websites.

SalonLines.co.uk had the best prices for the delux GHD models, like the Gold Max styler or the coloured "Envy" Units for £114.95.

Regardless of where you buy your GHD unit from each of our recommended websites offers a no questions asked money back guarantee for 28 days so you can buy with confidence.

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