Cheap ghd straighteners online

The GHD, or Good Hair Day product range has helped revolutionise hair care and styling since its introduction in 2001.

Based on a South Korean inventor's design which uses ceramic plates to heat and dry hair giving amazing, stylish and straight hair every time. In the last 10 years GHD straighteners have become so popular that they have sold millions and millions of units worldwide.

Part of the popularity of GHD units is that they are so durable and reliable. However with this good name comes imitators and impostors. Fake GHD units have appeared in various online shops including eBay amongst others.

Thanks to our online guide you will be able to get cheap GHD from online stores, safe in the knowledge that they are the real deal.

Amazon.com is our first recommended site, safe and reliable with some of the best deals around. Right now there are deals for cheap GHD straighteners for as little as £84 plus postage and packaging. This is an incredible deal for a genuine GHD product.

If you are not in time to get one of these incredible deals then you can try Strawberrynet.Com or Beautybay.com that both have impressive year round value. Prices starting from £92 for the basic GHD model exclude postage and packaging but represent some of the best value deals that we could find.

For good deals on the more expensive GHD models including the Gold Max styler with extra wide plates be sure to check out SalonLines.co.uk, there price an amazing £114.95.

Whatever GHD model you go for be sure to remember that you can check the serial number on GHD's own website to verify you have a genuine product.

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