Want Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas?

Just because you have a fancy dress party to attend does not mean that you have to blow your week’s allowance. There are plenty of cheap fancy dress ideas to take advantage off, whether you make your own or need to buy something from a store.

The first option you have is to make your own. Shop around for some ideas and then consider what you already have in your wardrobe. Want to be a cheerleader? Consider taking a T-shirt and drawing or painting an emblem on it and match with a hockey skirt or mini-skirt. You can even make your own pom poms by taking a kitchen roll base and cutting up some coloured plastic bags and then sticking them in one side of the roll.

You can make most costumes yourself, with a little imagination. However, there are times that you will need to have an ability to sew and draw. If these are not talents that you have then you will need to find cheap fancy dress ideas from a store. There are chances that you will find cheap options, depending on the time of year you are shopping in. Tesco and Asda are popular places for some cheap fancy dress ideas. You should also consider any high street clothes store.

If you know that you will have something coming up, start shopping around in the sales. The January sales will have a large variety of Christmas decorations, which will work for cheap fancy dress ideas the next year. After Halloween will also have sale items for the next year.

If you really want to stick to a shop for an easy but cheap option, then there are plenty online. Cheapestfancydress.co.uk has a variety of costumes, including freaky Halloween options like the Zombie cheerleader for £23.99 and a Child's Buzz Lightyear costume for £16.88. Fancydressfun.com also has a variety of options for cheap fancy dress ideas, such as an adult Lara Croft costume for £37.41. All prices are as of September 2011.

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