Where to find a stylish cheap overbust corset online

Three of the most sophisticated and stylish cheap overbust corset options available on the internet right now, specially chosen to accentuate your body shape and draw attention to your natural beauty.

As a general guide, it's best to order a corset 2 to 4 inches below your normal waist size, and the corsets discussed here are designed to fit a C, D or DD breast cup size.

Siren Corset Ruched Shimmer - £159

An attention grabbing bordeaux red cheap overbust corset with a plunging sweetheart neckline and elegant ribbon closure, which can be adjusted according to how much cleavage you want to show. The spiral steel boning and shimmer satin finish give the corset a sophisticated authetic feeling, and the 4 inch waist reduction allows your body to form some beautiful curves. You can add a modesty back panel for an extra £12.50. Buy it online at corsetheaven.com.

Red Velvet Couture Corset - £70

This extraordinarily cheap handmade overbust corset features fine quality steel boning and a luxurious velvet finish. Its heavily embellished flower design add a touch of cuteness to this sexy choice, made by hand by the best tailors in the business. Snap it up at corsets-uk.com, where it's undergone an amazing price reduction from £130 to £70.

Overbust Corset 1141 - £195

Fairly the most expensive overbust corset in our selection, this double boned figure hugging forest green offering is designed to really emphasise your natural curves and give you a bit of show-stopping elegance. The corset is front fastening and back lacing, and comes with a flexible fitting under the busk and a back modesty panel. Buy it from Vollers the Corset Company at vollers-corsets.com.

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