How to Spot Fake Chanel Shoes

Stores and boutiques that sell Chanel shoes are subject to licensing and trademark laws. Before they are able to sell anything bearing the Chanel name, they must acquire permission from the designer as well as purchasing a license. If you believe a shop is selling fake items, you are within your rights to request to see their license. Reputable shops will usually display this documentation.

Chanel shoes are known for their quality and are always made using lambskin or calfskin. Shoes made from any other type of material are most definitely fake. Because of Chanel's reputation for quality, any shoes that have glue marks, scratches or general poor finishing are almost certainly fakes too.

Chanel are strict about sale of their items, and do not allow damaged stock to be sold. Therefore, any Chanel shoes that are advertised as old or seconds are also questionable.

All Chanel items are made in Italy and imported to their various boutiques and shops around the world. Items from countries such as China, Taiwan and France are fake, with French imports being a particular problem as the quality of the forgeries is high.

If you purchase a pair of shoes that do not carry the Chanel name or have Chanel misspelt you can be certain these are not genuine designer shoes.

It is worth remembering that all Chanel shoes and items will be sold with an authenticity card. This carries a serial number that is your guarantee your purchase is genuine. If you purchase shoes without this card, they will not be authentic Chanel. If you are ever in doubt regarding your purchase, Chanel encourage you to take your items to your nearest Chanel boutique or reputable dealer. Staff are highly trained in detecting forged items and will be able to tell you if your Chanel shoes are genuine.

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