Chanel half tint glasses: we can't decide

We really wanted a pair back in 2007 when they were first launched, then we didn't, then we did, now, uggh, we just don't know. The half tints are sexy-chic in principle, and let's face it, more inspiring than looking at a regular lense. But does looking straight ahead feel odd? Think about it, the top half is black, the bottom half is clear. What colour do you see the world in? Yes we know, Chanel have probably thought of a clever techy way to deal with that but we're still confused.

Well celebs aren't confused. Nicole Ritchie rocks them; so does Paris; so do The Olsen twins: quite frankly, who else matters?

UK celebs and civilians have been letting the side down. This is probably because the glasses cost £1000 and are incredibly difficult to find, even in Chanel stores.

We suggest you cheat. Check out BlueDame.com for an identical pair at $14.90. That's a £985 saving!

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