Spring summer 2013 Chanel bags

It's not difficult to understand why Chanel bags are equally as popular as outfits sold by the high-end fashion house. They represent classic and timeless pieces you can enjoy and keep for a long time. This season’s superb collection of Chanel bags is a compilation of traditional and contemporary designs.

The collection

  • Boy Chanel campaign

Chanel is known for creating flap bags in different sizes. Take the Small Boy Chanel flap bag with its rope metal chain, embellished front buckle with the Chanel logo and an adjustable shoulder strap. It is available in pleasing light tones. Its larger sister, the Large Boy Chanel flap bag features clean black and white borders and made from the finest lambskin leather. The Boy Chanel flap bag, crafted from luxurious calfskin, is between the small and the large Chanel flap bags.

  • Unique

A delightful piece which is quite refreshing and maybe quirky is the flap bag with hula hoop handles. It’s also made from lambskin and comes in a glorious blue colour while the hoop handles are in black. They exist in red and blue.

  • Casual and practical

Ready for the colours of summer? You’ll find your "it" bag in this colourful flap bag featuring a roped chain. The 3-colour bag (purple, yellow and pinkish) is detailed with a black border and the classic Chanel logo. Your camera case can also get a boost with the adorable yellow, baby pink, white, and black camera case bag in lambskin.

  • Sultry evenings

There’s also a flap bag in textured cotton knit while for those hot evenings, stay cool in blue sequined flap bag for a glittery night. Or, get the lambskin version embellished with interlaced chains. For a unique touch, try the flap bag ‘hand-braided’ in lambskin. You might also fall in love with the elegant suede calfskin flap bag with its ornate embroidered finishing.

Classics and cruise bags

The classics are still there for the taking such as the large or small shopping tote in toile. You’ll also get the traditional flap bag in 'quilted aged calfskin' or the classic flap bag in quilted lambskin. Maybe, you can treat yourself to a large shopping bag in grained calfskin. To those who want to give a different twist to their styles and outfits, a whole series of lovely cruise Chanel bags await.

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