Chanel 2013-2014 Fall and Winter ad campaign

While Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2013- 2014 Haute Couture at the Grand Palais in Paris was themed old world meets new world, the theme that Karl Lagerfeld chose to photograph the ready-to-wear Fall Winter ad campaign was sci-fi.

The German designer chose three stunning models for the collection, Ashleigh Good, Chiharu Okunugi and Soo Joo and placed them inside a pure white space ship ambient and floating around in zero gravity.

The image looks very similar to the inside of the space craft that was in Michael Jackson’s and Janet Jackson’s Scream video, or if you are true sci-fi buff, Stanley Kubrick´s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Lagerfeld shot the Fall and Winter campaign in a very classy black and white, just to remind us that the past and future can live together, because his motto for this season, taken from Goethe is, “Build a better future by expanding on elements of the past.”

The three models are wearing simple, but refined outfits, perfectly representing the Chanel-Lagerfeld style.

A black minidress with white trimmings is featured on one of the models, who is shod with white ankle boots, while the other two are wearing stunning mini black coats with shiny patent leather patent inserts and Lagerfeld’s signature thigh high and very tight boots, that have become very trendy as Jimmy Choo had Nicole Kidman wearing the same style boots in his ad campaign.

Ironic as usual, Lagerfeld had two of the models floating around knitting, trying to prove that the modern women can wear modern clothes, travel in space, but they can also conserve all their femininity, hence the head covers and the knitting.

The other model instead is holding a fabulous white and black clutch with the double CC logo.

The 2013-2014 ready-to-wear Fall –Winter Collection will be available in boutiques and at chanel.com from mid-September.

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