Chalayan for the masses

Radically forward-thinking fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, the man behind Lady Gaga's infamous egg shaped 'womb pod' at the Grammys and err...wooden skirts, has announced that he will be launching a diffusion line to sit alongside his main collection, with prices starting at €100.

The collection will be called Grey Label and according to Vogue it will 'include tailored jackets, trousers, skirts, knitwear, dresses, outerwear and accessories.' It's set to be unveiled in September but at the moment there only seems to be talk of a US launch, which is a little disappointing. Fingers crossed it makes its way over to the UK tout suite.

Chalayan told WWD the collection 'has echoes of the main line, but it's a bit more accessible. Maybe you'll see a sweatshirt interpretation of something that appeared on the runway.' So expect to see high street replicas of the Gaga's egg-sedan chair any day now...

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