C'est Magnifique, Non?

This is one high street-designer collaboration we might actually wear: Sonia Rykiel, she of the gorgeous, colourful breton tops and trompe l'oeil designs, is bringing out a diffusion line at Hennes. Her lingerie range, which hit the high streets before Christmas was apparently a huge success, and has encouraged her to flog more French clobber to an enthusiastic market.

The designer's daughter, and also president and artistic director of Sonia Rykiel, explains the inspiration (in classically batty fashion speak) to the The Daily Mail:

'It feels fantastic, after the launch of our lingerie collection, to be asked to design a second collection for H&M. This time, I felt like offering the essence of Rykiel - knits, of course - because knits are the second skin of women; knits, because Rykiel is the queen of knits forever, from Saint Germain des Prés to all over the world.'

All hail the erm, queen of knits...

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