Top ceramic hair straightners

With more and more hair straighteners out there we decided once and for all to find out the best ceramic hair straightners on the market now.

5. Nutriheat hair straighteners prevent the damage that the straightening process can inflict. Ceramic plates contain a heat-activated formula that is released during the straightening process. The model is bulky which causes it to just loose out on the top spots £79.99 on Amazon.com.

4. The Nicky Clarke hair straightener. For us it is the best designed and smallest straighteners on the market. It glides through curly hair with ease and is small enough to go into a handbag. £145.19 on Strawberrynet.com.

3. Mark Hill ceramic stylers come in funky pink and black colours and boast magnetic plates to give sealed shine hair. Almost as good as GHD units, these can be used to straighten and curl you hair. £64.99 from Stawberrynet.com

2. Corioliss C2 Ultra Slim Digital Straightener is the closest runner to the GHD and with good reason. This hair straightener is perfect and we predict it will be a top seller. GHD shades is just about on coast. £119.99 from BeautyBay.com.

1. The GHD classic model is our number 1 and its because we love it. Fits into overnight bags really easily. Ultra reliable it never lets you down. Everyone has one because they are so good. You can find yours on Amazon.com for only £84.

Remember to shop around to get the best prices. Happy shopping!

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