Getting the most from your ceramic hair straighteners

The arrival of ceramic hair straighteners and the GHD, arguably the product which put these gadgets on the beauty map, have made a sleek salon look more achievable than ever.

As their popularity has grown there are now more choices on the market than ever, with straighteners to suit all hair types and budgets.

The aforementioned GHD is probably the most popular choice – their official website, www.ghdhair.com, will provide you with details of all their latest products, prices and where to buy - as well as handy hairstyle guides. Prices may vary, while the limited edition 'Pink Orchid' straighteners are £129 the GHD IV styler is available for £99.

Babyliss, Toni Guy and Remington are also well-trusted brands.

Amazon is a good starting point to seek out the right product for you and view different ranges on the market – www.amazon.co.uk.

To get the most out of your straighteners, you should use serum on your hair after washing and conditioning. It is also very important to minimise damage to your hair by ensuring it is completely dry before using your straighteners.

Then, pull your hair into sections and separate with clips so you can concentrate on one area at a time. Once your straighteners are at the maximum heat level, use on your hair in a swift, smooth motion. Repeat on all sections of the hair until completely straight. Not only will your hair appear noticeably smoother and salon-sleek, it should have a great shine from the follicle-flattening effect of the straighteners. Don’t forget your umbrella before you leave the house though - moisture is most certainly a friend of the frizz!

For thicker locks, try using specially-made wide straighteners to capture as much hair as possible at one time, to improve condition and – almost as important – save time in the mornings! Try the GHD Gold Max straighteners. For shorter hair, you might like to try a narrower style of straightener to style your hair more effectively, try the GHD Gold Mini straighteners for this.

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