The success of Céline under Phoebe Philo

Céline is a French designer house with headquarters in Paris. From a store selling baby shoes, it branched out into a full fashion house offering ready to wear clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Its creative director is Phoebe Philo, the Paris-born Brit who worked before for Chloe as Stella McCartney’s design assistant.

Céline before and after

Céline was founded by Céline Vipiana in 1945, having served as its house designer for a number of years. Today, it is a renowned luxury fashion house selling luxury goods such as ready-to-wear clothes, leather goods and accessories.

What started as a business offering custom-made shoes for children expanded to include women’s shoes and accessories. The design front also changed hands from Michael Kors to Robertro Menichetti. Only American designer Kors managed to bring life to the brand, selling outstanding RTW and exciting accessories. Menichetti did not do so well including the Croatian designer, Ivana Omazic.

In 2008, Bernard Arnault, the chairman of the LVMH announced that Phoebe Philo will assume the position of creative director. Céline, the fashion house, made a strong comeback or was resurrected under the helm of Philo. The rest is history. Céline is back in the business.

Product offerings

Céline offers several products for the fashion conscious and since these are luxury goods, there is a hefty price tag to pay. Every year, the fashion house presents collections appropriate for the season. High quality leather accessories in the form of exciting and elegant shoes and bags as well as watches and jewellery are offered.

The ready-to-wear apparel is one of the main components of Céline from timeless and elegant suits and trousers to outerwear and innerwear. Accessories include belts, jewellery, and sunglasses. Note that Philo's approach to minimalist fashion remains true as ever with functional clothes and accessories.

Philo leads the way

Céline is a brand name to reckon with, a luxury design house carrying impeccable prêt-à-porter and accessories. With Phoebe leading the team, it is always a joy to see her passion and creative art transformed into clothes and accessories for the brand. It was with conviction when Arnault appointed Philo as its creative director saying that Céline is a "platform to express her vision". We couldn't agree more.

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