Get celeb looks: Katie Melua

Georgian pop/folk/jazz starlet Katie Melua has grown out of her earlier manufactured style, orchestrated (as was almost every element of her career) by Wombles impresario Mike Batt. Now, she has developed one of the most sophisticated and elegant celeb looks in the business, with a keen eye for fashionable bargains. Read on to steal some of her style.

Get Katie's Look

This guide tells you how to get Katie Melua's celeb looks at high street prices. Items similar to all of her outfit in the above picture can be found at great prices from accessible stores or online shops. Take a look:


Katie's simple but stylish white shirt is by far the easiest element of her outfit to find. White shirts like this are available from all high street retailers, but a real bargain can be found at New Look, where a similar white long sleeved top (Product Code: 204743410) can be purchased for £5.99. Check it out at newlook.com.

Red Scarf

Katie's pretty, oversized red scarf is the highlight of her look here, and you won't find a scarf of this quality at cheap high street prices. However, you'll find something remarkably similar at Peacocks, where the Ladies Floral Oversized Scarf (Product Number: 88579) is available for the excellent price of £7, with free delivery if you buy online at peacocks.co.uk.

Black scarf

Topping off the red scarf, this skinny black scarf can be matched by Next, with their Black Sequin Skinny Scarf which is available for £25 online at next.co.uk.


Mirror Katie's look with Dorothy Perkins's Indigo superskinny jeans (Item code: 70185724), a stretching pair of chic jeans made of 77% cotton and available at dorothyperkins.com for £25.

Total Cost

Overall, this is one of the cheapest celeb looks you'll be able to find, with the high street equivalents of Katie Melua's elegant outfit costing no more than £65, if you follow the advice given in this article.

Katie has also expressed her fondness for rooting out individual bargains in charity shops - a great tip!

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