In need of cave girl fancy dress inspiration? Look no further!

Now I can assure you when it comes to finding a cave girl fancy dress outfit you are not short of options on the internet. Just visit www.google.co.uk and type cave girl fancy dress in to the search engine, click on the ‘shopping’ link on the left hand side and you will be met with a multitude of options.

Now you have two avenues you could pursue when considering a cave girl fancy dress outfit, you can either choose to purchase an entire outfit or you can create your own and buy some accessories to finish the look. Considering the latter, one year whilst in Ibiza over my birthday we choose a cave girl fancy dress theme and I happened to have an animal print bikini which I based the outfit around. Now in Ibiza you can easily go clubbing in a bikini top, so I teamed it with a pair of denim shorts and finished the outfit with big back combed wild hair, animal print headscarf and bought a tooth teeth necklace (approx £2-3) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemitem=220814416262. The same effect could be achieved with an animal print top and shorts or perhaps an animal print dress you already have in your wardrobe. This way you can simply buy some cheap accessories and keep the cost down.

If however you want a full outfit and have some money to burn, check out http://www.acefancydress.co.uk/ or Ebay. Ebay is great as it has plenty of different styles of outfits to choose from new and second hand.

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