Cathy love, hire a stylist

The Daily Mail are very mean, but their fashion nouse is bang on. Languishing in the Mail's fashion-cells at the moment is Catherine Zeta Jones. The Welsh beauty is under interrogation for a series of high profile fashion blunders.

First up, CZJ stepped out in a murkey green dress and animal print jacket. Not only that she teamed the bizarre ensemble with cowboy boots. Uggh. Next up, brown leggings with a Christmas jumper, beret and bobbled boots which are way too long to be Uggs. A beige woollen cape is the saving grace.

But Catherine's worst ensemble - in fact the worst ensemble we've ever seen on anyone - is a maxi gypsy skirt teamed with victorian flower seller ankle boots, an old rug and a tea-cosy hat made out of carpet.

Catherine, darl, you're gorgeous and rich, why not hire a stylist? And we don't mean ask Michael how you look before you step out the door......

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